ADR tables from MTP

I wanted to use the tables from the “Akcesoria do Tuningu”, but that is not compatible with 1.23 and there are some other things I don’t need. So I grabbed the tables and some other small stuff from that mod. Everything was made by MTP and everything is belongs to MTP.

ADR tables 2

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This mod is a part of the “Akcesoria do Tuningu” mod from Modders Team Poland
Original author: Modders Team Poland
Original download url: Akcesoria do Tuningu (1.13.x)


Mod is compatible mainly with

  • ohaha’s Volvos
  • RJL’s Scanias
  • davidzoli’s New Actros

All credits goes to Moders-Team-Poland

* Don’t reupload this mod
* If you include this mod or its part in your mod, give credits to “Modders Team Poland” or “MTP”